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Kyan Falvey - TLS Team Rider

June 30, 2022 3 min read

Kyan Falvey - TLS Team Rider

Kyan Falvey

How old were you when you began surfing? How did it come about? 

I was around 4 years old when I started surfing and my first wave was at the Quicky Pro with all our family friends who used to come up from down south  every year to watch it. Dad has been a coach for a while and loves to surf himself even more. Dad pushed me into a tiny one on his board and from then on, I’ve been into it and still am!

How does surfing make you feel? What do you love most about it? 

Surfing makes me feel so happy especially when you are with your mates or do  something that surprises yourself like landing a big air, or getting deeper than  you thought in a barrel. 


What is the most memorable surfing moment you've experienced?  

This moment stands out for me as it is at my local break and I was the only one out as it was a really big and sweepy day. I was battling the sweep and a perfect shaped wave came and I dropped into an overhead barrel looking out at the sun setting through the tunnel turning the wave golden. I travelled for a fair few sections then snuck out and went straight in only getting that one wave that surf. 

What are your goals for the future? 

My goals are to start getting better results in QS events and travel to other countries to get pumping waves. 


What are the biggest challenges you face when surfing? 

The biggest challenges I face is probably finding enough lefts to surf my backhand more. On and around the gold coast there is a lot of points so it’s a rarity to get a good left most of the time. 

What do you genuinely love about TLS hardware? Why?

I love how much I can trust a TLS leggy because I’ve never had one snap or any problems with them. I am also a big fan of the colours, patterns of the grips and the high kick so you never lose ya back foot over the edge. 

What are your chosen TLS products? Why?   

My chosen tools grip is the Drifter as it is a 3 piece pad making it easy to line up and put on my boards. Also the grip has big Mt Fuji Lock tread feeling super secure in the water. 

What advice would you offer any young surfer looking to take their surfing to a competitive level? 

Spend as much time in the water as you can and the more comps you go in the more experience you will have with heats and dealing with the pressure of competition.

TLS asks Kyan's Dad, Ben: What are the rewards and challenges of being the parent of a young competitive surfer?  

Perhaps the biggest reward is seeing Kyan love an activity where there are so many benefits such as being physically active, immersing himself in nature, dealing with losses and setbacks, setting goals and learning respect for others in and out of the water. The challenges he faces are balancing school work and competitions while developing patience for results and trusting in the process. As a parent we all want the best for our kids but balancing performances and honest feedback with parenting and love can be a delicate balance.

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