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Mitch Peterson - TLS Team Rider

June 01, 2022 2 min read

Mitch Peterson - TLS Team Rider

"Just a grom chasing waves"

Mitchell Peterson


How old were you when you began surfing? How did it come about? 

I was 6 years old and because we live at the beach it is what everyone does in their spare time, so dad starting pushing me in on little waves and I haven’t stopped surfing since then!


    What do you love most about surfing? 

    Surfing makes me feel super happy as it is so much fun to be out in the water with all my mates everyday. 


      What is the most memorable surfing moment you've experienced?  

      My most memorable surfing moments were when I have got a big barrel or big air.  Also, when I won a Queensland State Title and a RipCurl Grom Search.


        What are your goals for the future? 

        In the future I would love the opportunity to try to qualify for the WSL and win a world title.


          TLS asks Mitch's Dad, Paul "What are the rewards and challenges of being the parent of a young competitive surfer?"

          It is rewarding to see the life lessons that the kids learn from competitive surfing, including discipline, patience, trusting themselves and being a good loser.  The challenging side is to ensure that they maintain a balance and ensure that fun and their love of surfing remain paramount.


          Why do you choose TLS products? What do you genuinely love about TLS?

          TLS Hardware is so reliable as I know on big days my leggy is not going to snap or come off.  Also, I love that the traction pads come in different colours and patterns. My chosen TLS products are the 5 foot grom leash and the new Josh Moniz traction pad as they are reliable, not slippery and look great.


            What advice would you offer any young surfer looking to take their surfing to a competitive level? 

            Have fun and don’t give up – keep trying day after day!


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