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Ocea Curtis - TLS Team Rider

July 31, 2022 2 min read

Ocea Curtis - TLS Team Rider

Ocea Curtis

Photo: Paul Buffery

Ocea's motto - "Dream big, work hard and have fun!"


What age did you start surfing? 

I've been surfing since I was about 1 year old. I started on the front of my Dad's board, progressed to Dad pushing me into waves and have loved it ever since! 


What do you love the most about surfing? 

Surfing makes me happy! I love being in the ocean everyday surrounded by nature. I love how surfing keeps fit and the friendships I have made. 


What is the most memorable surfing moment you've experienced? 

One memorable moment was getting a huge barrel at Nias in Sumatra. A bit scary  but it felt insane! I think I smiled constantly for about 3 days after it! 


What goals do you have for the future? 

Make WSL Tour, to encourage more girls to surf and improve my air game!


What TLS products do you love? 

I love how I can trust my leg rope in big waves. 


What female surfers inspire you? 

Steph Gilmore - her style is INSANE and she's so humble, Laura Enever as she charges big waves and is really funny, and Isabella Nicols because she rips and has always taken the time to hang out. 


What would you like to see happen for women surfing into the future? 

I would like more spots in competitions for the girls and more opportunities. Also, some boys could show more respect in the line up. 


What advice would you offer any young surfer looking to take their surfing to a competitive level?

Work hard, believe in yourself and most importantly have fun! 


TLS asks Jodi & Glenn, Ocea's parents: What was it like for you guys watching Ocea surf Nias?

Jodi - As a Mum, when the waves get big it gets a bit scary but I know that Glenn is very capable in the water and I trust that Glenn would not put Ocea in a situation that she couldn't handle. Also, I realise that to keep improving, Ocea needs to push herself out of her comfort zone.  

Glenn - I'm just constantly amazed by what she does and also really proud!

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