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Shane Campbell - TLS Team Rider

May 02, 2022 2 min read

Shane Campbell - TLS Team Rider

"Focus on each wave, and each turn, and enjoy the journey!" Shane



How old were you when you began surfing and how did it come about?

I was a late bloomer... I started surfing when I was about 10-11 years old, but did some bodyboarding before that. None of my parents or my brother surfed, they have never tried. 

I just had a few mates from school that went to the beach and we all just started together. There was never any ambitions of becoming professional or competing, it was just pure fun! 


How does surfing make you feel? What do you love most about it?

It makes me feel grateful. Grateful that I'm at the beach and around the ocean all the time. I get excited to chase good waves and see some amazing places. Its so fun!

A lot of people don't get to experience the things that surfers get to. Like seeing big barrels in Hawaii or Tahiti, actually riding those waves and being comfortable around those settings. It's crazy that some people wont ever get to experience that. So, that's why I'm grateful!

The other thing, it makes it easier to eat whatever the f#ck I want, because you burn so many calories! I love food! 


Why do you choose TLS for your hardware? 

As I've always said, in surfing you need reliability and something your comfortable with and I've never ever had any issues with any TLS products.

I've never had a grip pad peel back, and the leg ropes are strong as wire. I've used 6 foot comp leashes in huge waves, numerous times because I forgot stronger ones and they never snap... it's crazy.

So, I love the reliability I get from TLS products.


What are your go to TLS products? 

The boards I ride have very light glass jobs so I get huge impressions in the tail of my board and around where my toes and heel is under the grip.

So, I usually go for the 'Carbon' pads on my PU boards and then the 'Diamond' or 'Revo' pads on my epoxies and smaller wave boards, as they feel super light.

I also mainly ride the 6”0 Comp Thin leash because they are so comfortable and
bloody strong. That's my usual set up for most conditions. 


What advice would you offer any young surfer looking to take their surfing to a competitive level?

Be grateful that your a surfer and don't be afraid to fail.

Focus us on each wave and each turn and enjoy the journey!


Thanks guys, Shane. 

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